Mafia city mod apk unlimited gold


mafia city mod apk unlimited gold
Mafia city mod apk unlimited gold

After lot of research we found Mafia city mod apk unlimited gold. This is very excellent Strategy game under YottaGames. The mod is going to make it much more fun. In the game, you will play the game as the role of a bandit or the leaders of the notorious gangs for power and business zones in the underworld. Mafia City promises to bring you the most authentic feeling of the mafia world.

About Mafia City

Mafia City is a game that carries 360 Degree graphics where you will play this game with a very extraordinary display that makes your playing experience more enhanced by having several display effects offered by this Mafia City game. This Mafia City game has also released a type of game that can already be played on a PC and in 2002 a company also issued a number of changes and this game also became the best Action game.

This exciting game will be even more challenging when played using Mafia City mod apk. The main currency is Gold and you can get Unlimited Gold and also the Unlock VIP 10 feature using this method.

The context of the game is set in the last 30s. After an unexpected quarrel with criminals, a taxi driver Tommy was accidentally pushed into the mysterious Mafia world. At first, he was uncomfortable when he was with the Salieri family, but the money itself and the generous rewards blurred Tommy’s eyes, making it impossible for him to ignore this bargain.

After overcoming a lot of limits, dangers and receiving more and more money. However, the more have got, the more criminal he is. Tommy finally received the respect (we had to call it “respect”) from the Salieris. But this position also makes him confused. He thought more, fought himself for the new life he accidentally chose.

Mafia City MOD APK unlimited gold Feature

✓ Unlimited Gold
✓ Unlock VIP 10
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Mafia City MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Removed the Apps for Earth content.

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

In addition to destroying other gangs, or plunge into a fierce war, Mafia City also has more than 20 horror missions, inspired by events in the US in the last 30s. Participating in these missions will bring you a new feeling.

The game has 60 legendary cars with realistic operations and design mechanisms. Besides, Mafia City also offers you a variety of weapons arsenal such as Machine Guns, interlock guns, shotgun, baseball bat… They will make your conquests more exciting.

Your base is an extremely important place, so you must upgrade it first to unlock and upgrade other buildings. Mafia City has a lot of buildings that you need to build, each of which has its own effect. For example, a training centre will help you create and unlock your army; the Bootleg market is where you can talk to your friends; hospitals help you heal your troops. Besides, there are many other buildings for you to explore such as security centre, investment centre, black market…

In addition, there are 3 strong Gangsters waiting for you to conquest, including:

  • Brawlers: A fierce class of characters. With them, conflict is daily life.
  • Shooters: Those who are able to use all kinds of weapons from submachine guns, rifles to cannons and more.
  • Bikers: This kind of character can control numerous vehicles capable of moving as fast as light, which is definitely a nightmare for all gangsters.

Multinational and multi-regional game

The game has only one server worldwide with a very professional translation system, which is capable of translating almost all languages. Therefore, in Mafia City, the number of players is extremely large and varied across different regions. A basic principle in Mafia is that there is no tolerance. If you ignore it and not destroy the enemy today, the opponent may kill you tomorrow.

The corrected contents

  • Fixed an issue that the iTems interface was closed after the item was used.
  • Fixed an issue when clicking on the immediate investment, there was no response if there was not enough gold.
  • Corrected an unusual ranking issue when a person left a clan.
  • Edit the interface when the interface is switched.
  • Max Crime Ops Boost Items are not available immediately after use.
  • Fix rank problems with symbols and skill names in Leader Talent.

More Mafia City Overview

But it is a pity too many games to give some appearance of Adult Content which makes the game not good for children to play with until the stew of 15 years is still not appropriate to play it. I played this Mafia City mod apk unlimited gold game using a cellphone so that the display is not as good as the display on the game on the PC because if the phone is not able to run the game as much as the capacity of the PC because the cellphone only has power in processing the game is not too good because the specifications of the cell phone is far lower than Pc.

As usual, I will discuss a little about the game that I am reviewing, or my application is reviewing so that all friends can make decisions and can reduce the doubts of all friends. Here if you want to play this game then you can download the application through the game, is PlayStore android phone. Here I download this game using your notes XIAOMI phone 4 which comes with very good phone specifications and this phone uses 3 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory so that this phone can play all games on Android. This game is based online, but dont worry about the need for internet speeds not great, we can also play on H + networks or 3G phones regularly.

After you have successfully downloaded and run the application first and then the game will display the game menu. If you create a game account using Google Play Game connected to your email then you can play this game forever. If you change your phone with someone else and want to play this game again then you guys when this game will be able to use an old google playgame account so you dont need to repeat the mission in the game and this game can continue for a long time. suggest you to automatically connect to google playgame You can play this game forever even if you replace a new phone.

In this Mafia City mod apk unlimited gold game is a game that tells a gang or group of people who will attack a place for power. In this Mafia City game, I will play it in Chapter I, where the mafia City game has a chapter as a Level or Level in playing in this Mafia City game. So at the beginning of each game we will always be told how to play this Mafia City game.

At the beginning of the game or Chapter I, Tells About our character, where according to the theme of Chapter I “BOOS RETURNS” or the boss has come back, where the character we play is the boss of the gangsters in this game, where in the story we have coming back from the departure of a long time ago, so there are some tasks or missions that we must complete to be able to continue to the next chapter by completing the mission as follows:

In the game Mafia City mod apk unlimited gold There are several buildings in this game that fill every side of the screen in this game, So in the First mission in Chapter I we were ordered to Build Mansion to Level 2, where this Mansion serves as the main building in this game Because the size of this building or increase the level of this Mansion building will indicate the level of our game or how big the chapter that we have passed, right?

You cannot build another building before you have succeeded in building it to the next level. Where in each Mansion that will be built always need the costs needed in its construction, in the picture above we are ordered right to increase the Mansion Level to Level 2 where you need Upgrade Costs for free because in the picture above is The prefix or game instructions that always free every Power up on this Mafia City game. Every time you succeed you will get the effect of the benefits of building a Mansion to an advanced level, where in the picture above explains the construction of a Level 1 Mansion to Level 2 and you get the following benefits:

Bulid Biker camp in this Mafia City mod apk unlimited gold game serves as a place to train and make the Troopers or gangstar troops that we lead in this Mafia City game. Because before you attack, you need troops to attack the enemy, want it the street gangsters or big gangsters that we will face in this game. So you will build a Biker camp with level 1 and you have to open it by pressing the “BUILD” button to build it. When you succeed in building a Biker Camp you have to press the “Train” button to form and train the Chopper of one of the armed forces you have, in this Mafia City mod apk unlimited gold game there are so many characters or members that you can make, but cannot be opened, because We buy a Biker Camp Level, we upgrade.

This Mafia city game is a war game between groub or gang of criminals for the sake of seizing power and possessions every time they attack, in this last mission we are asked to carry out attacks on street gangs which have Level 1 level and when attacking the gang all you need to know is that every time you attack you need the name of the troops, so this game also requires a strategy in placing troops according to the opponents strength, so you have to read the opponents strength in conducting attacks because if you lose you will lose the troops die in war between gangs and your reputation will go down when you lose to street gangsters.

Each chapter has several missions given and you can see it in the mission menu feature and immediately complete each task given to be able to continue the game in the next chapter in this game, where we have successfully completed the Mafia City game in Chapter I and succeeded in achieving Chapter II in this game which I will review the following day. So every time you succeed in completing every chapter in this Mafia City game, you will get some prizes, like the picture above where we get 10 gold bars, 30,000 boxes, 30,000 dollars and 5 flower stalks.


Your mafia journey will also be determined by how much gold you spend. If you use Mafia City mod apk unlimited gold cheats and get Unlimited Resources namely Unlimited Cargo and Unlimited Cash. VIP Title 10 will also give a big advantage for your adventure.

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