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last shelter survival mod apk
Last Shelter Survival Mod Apk

After lots of research, we finally found Last Shelter Survival Mod Apk for Android and IOS.
The mod includes Unlimited diamonds.

[For Survival]

The Zombie Virus got spread everywhere. Human are at high risk of turning into walking deads . We have to insure enough Supplies to survive in the Zombie world. Things get worse as the dark night approaches. As Commander, your main duty is to shelter your people! Please lead the Shelter Population to survival. Resist Zombies and Rebuild the Humanity’s Home!

[Rebuild Shelter]

Surviving is only the first step. You have to rebuild your City again.
Roads are important for connecting Cities
Urban planning is clever strategy to develop big cities . Plan your City development with reason to increase its operation efficiency. Let your wisdom shine!

[Searching for followers]

Resque Survivors from all over the world on the Big World Map. They will be your own followers and will fight by your side ! Build up an Alliance, Rally Forces to resist Zombies together. Protect your Allies from being plundered.

[Economic Trade]

In War Z World, Supplies are a major key to development. The Trade Helicopter will get you the opportunity to trade supplies for free.follow a clever strategy to Restore Supplies to receive Resources you need for your city construction and development.

-Z Organization has received your SOS. A Commander will be sent at once, hold up!


Alliance(Coming Soon)
Alliance members must leave the Alliance before they can immigrate; Alliance R5 must remove all members from the Alliance before they can immigrate. Tthe Alliance’s Allegiant State will change with the Alliance R5’s immigration.

Download Last Shelter: Survival mod apk free on android and IOS.

Last Shelter: Survival is a great multiplayer online strategy for your smartphone. Game events will take place on the territory of the post-apocalyptic wasteland, where currently wielding various gangs, as well as hordes of dangerous zombies. In the project you can clearly see the customized and functional system of construction, many options for the development of units, the social side, as well as many opportunities for further negotiations with diplomatic people.

If you like to take part in mass battles, then this game will definitely be able to come to your taste. The game Last Shelter: Survival Mod APK is an opportunity to create own shelter, to control it, and also to battle to crowds of zombakov. Huge hordes of bloodthirsty dead will be able to attack from different sides, so you need to defend the line of defense, so as not to lose.

You – the commander of the army, so you need to stick to ways to protect your base. Throughout the game you can visit different interesting locations where you can see different monsters, as well as other equally dangerous opponents.

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