APK stands for Android Package Kit and it's the file format which Android uses for its programs; much like Windows EXE files.

In case you have an Android device, you may have heard the term APK and wondered what it means. Let's quickly talk about what an APK is and why it is important to Android.

What Is an APK File?

It contains all of the elements that a program should install properly on your apparatus.

Exactly like EXE files on Windows, you can set an APK file in your Android apparatus to install an app. Manually installing programs using APKs is called sideloading.

Normally when you visit Google Play to download a program, it While you can extract APKs from the Play Store, they're also available to download from alternative app shops.

Which Exactly Are APK Files Used For?

You'll come across several advantages to installing APKs manually. One of the greatest is getting access to apps ahead of time. Every time a major Google program (like Calendar) releases a major update, it may take a week or even more for your device to receive it. Installing the APK enables you to skip the wait and upgrade straight away.

Sideloading APKs also lets you install apps on your device that aren't accessible on Google Play. Butjust like desktop applications, downloading APK documents from random websites isn't a good idea. This is especially true if the website guarantees you a paid app for no price.

So APKs would be the core format that Android uses to disperse And install programs. They're quite handy for electricity Android users, however you Must be careful where you download them from.

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